Monday, October 18, 2010

Tea Party Politics..

The tea party "movement "is a sham. 
Various individual citizens are concerned
about a variety of issues. Many have been exploited
by economic cartels who own the wire services and
attempt to control the messages Americans receive. 

One of the most basic techniques these con men use,
is to appeal to the lowest common denominators:
racism, sexism, greed, and corruption. These crude
appeals are the driving force behind the Limbaughs, Becks,
and other bad boy entertainers disguised as journalists or
political commentators.

These hacks are mostly incoherent, inaccurate, and serve only to
distract people from real issues and concerns.   

Instead of being sucked in by these self-interested manipulators,
it is better to do the research and appeal to real people and their
values, integrity, and tolerance. Most of us believe that faith, peace,
freedom, and equity, and justice are the substance of the visions 
and dreams which inspire our families, friends, neighbors and
communities to build a better tomorrow.

We can make a positive difference by discovering truth
among the various advertisements for the easy way out. 
The right wing slime machine has been manipulating
too many for too long.  They are responsible for the
economic doldrums we now face.  They tried to sell us
corporate occupations, amorality, and corruption. 
They implemented this cynical agenda: wars of choice
as a vehicle for selling arms and exploiting the resources
of lesser developed nations via occupation.  We can do better.
The only viable movement in America today has nothing to do
with the cultivated messages these con men produce. Most Americans
want honest and effective government which will deliver effective
education, universal nonprofit healthcare, reasonable regulation,
equitable tax policies, and investment in infrastructure, jobs, research,
invention, and development.

We can get this done when we take the felons, liars, 
and con men off the table.  As more and more Americans
come to understand what is at stake, the sane amoung us are
beginning to make a difference.

The rest is commentary, a political circus, or
perverse entertainment at our expense.

with best regards, Tim

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